Milena Orzechowska

Milena Orzechowska – I am a designer and a graduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities specialized in the social and crosscultural psychology. The knowledge, that I gained during my studies, as well as sensibility towards the reality that surrounds us got me into fashion. As a result of this passion I also graduted from the International School of Costume and Fashion Design with specialization in clothes design. Because of my high performance at the final examination I was chosen to present my collection during Graduation Show and I was awarded the first prizes by the internationally recognized personalities and institutions.

In my view, fashion is not only about clothes that we wear everyday - it is a way of expressing oneself and a pretext for a conversation about things that are interesting and import_ant. I think that every collection should embody a higher value, an idea, a story. Fashion becomes this way not only a type of art but also a means for discovering the world. With my collections I will draw attention to the matters which, in my view, are important, sometimes popular, sometimes forgotten and sometimes simply “wiped out”.